Research in our group centers on organosilane chemistry with a focus on the development of structurally novel and synthetically useful organosilanes. We are currently interested in a unique species: geminal bis(silane) featuring two silyl groups attached into one carbon center. We have developed a general method that leads to diverse synthesis of geminal bis(silane) building blocks and reagents. A variety of unique reactivities such as steric and electronic effects, silyl migration aptitude and bifunctionality have been discovered in more than 10 new methodologies. Several unusual chemo-, regio- and stereoselectivies have been achieved. Our investigations also demonstrate that geminal bis(silane) are very useful in natural product synthesis, as evident by total syntheses of (-)-exiguolide、nematocidal oxylipid, and concise construction of B and C rings in bryostatins (please see more details in publication section). 
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